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Planning in seo

SEO refers to the positioning of a website, either a blog or a page, the main places of the lists of search engines, to achieve this need to meet a number of requirements. then you explain what you should take into account to design an effective SEO strategy. to begin to be understood that the positioning of a page does not only depend on the use of keywords within the texts published in the same, although the keywords, as it is also known, are the basis of this process, we see that should also be designed other

factors that complement the process to make it more successful.

User experience, also known by its acronym in English Uxu, becomes the interaction people have with the site and how to make it as pleasant and helpful as possible, and this is measured in two basic aspects, security and confidence you can generate the site and ease of use, it may look very great, but needs to be fast and effective as well, for it must follow several steps.

The information architecture:

One of the pillars of optimization seo a website, and therefore should form a fundamental part of positioning strategy is the "information architecture" a concept that has for some years and is on the way it is hierarchical and presented the information found within the page.

To achieve this goal is convenient to use keywords that are related to the main theme of the page, so they can go defining the main ideas and secondary, this serves to create sections, assign them a link, set buttons start default, all in order to make the page easy to use, people between and within seconds get what they are looking for and that fast is what you take time to return home.


Seo traditionally conceived, never go out of style because it is, after all, the basis of this whole matter, information, publications must be original, quality, be well structured, use keywords rationally, divide them between main and secondary. everything we've learned from seo hardly be over, what happens is that search engines are evolving to improve the quality of the results offered, because they also suit them, so you have to find a way to generate a balance among several aspects in addition to the traditional, and never forget that without quality information nothing that is done will be worthwhile. Therefore further optimize the articles, require the highest quality and consistency in them, try to be original and if you have any questions about this, check with a reviewer of plagiarism, there are many free on the net and are quite effective, for ensure that the information is original, because search engines also notice duplicates and the consequences are entering their blacklist. and get out of there costs a life.

Visual design:

From the hierarchy of the information is applicable to the design of the web, another very important aspect, because it is basically the letter of it, in influencing issues such as images, colors, buttons, mobility and speed navigation. to achieve effective visual design is necessary to take into account aspects of graphic design, color psychology, appropriateness of images and so on to achieve aesthetic harmony, of course, not be shocking sight, therefore, texts, buttons and titles of the sections must be in accordance with a pattern, and the size of the images and the composition thereof. the navegation:

  That is, the ease of users to move from one place to another within the particular page, the links, the simplicity of these, created from keywords, because, also serve for this, because of that google construed so what the page and is more likely to appear well positioned.

But the basic meaning of this part is to make as comfortable as possible stay of users within the site, so that takes value the idea that, even striking it the title, if the content and form of submission does not convince , makes no sense, as the rebound effect cause, that is, in and out directly from the page, which is in fact a way to measure the effectiveness of Uxu. another way of measuring the aforementioned effectiveness is through the analysis of ctr, which refers basically to the number of "clicks" to receive the links on the page, so we know how many people have entered; with the rebound it is not known whether they have been the same once, and thirdly, the "time of use" is measured, indeed, how long did this interaction are three aspects that complement and are based on the effectiveness of the strategy "user experience". and from positive results, search engines begin to take more seriously the site and this becomes an increasing your position in search listings.

In consecuense:

In the end is the "user experience" itself which demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy carried out, each of these topics presented in turn has its own objectives and ways that are different but complementary and all are worth, by that should not leave anything out, information on links, the visual design to the start button to return sections. It is a framework that can be complex, so we decided to present this breakdown with which you can check everything you need and take it as a starting point for conducting planning seo said.

SEO is changing, but has not lost its essence, it is important to stay constantly updated about to leave nothing out and plan, always.