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Effectively Optimize Your Blog Site For Search Engines

May 30

Nowadays, every web site designer wants to make his sites equipped with search engine friendly elements so that they rank higher in online searches. The same holds true for the blog websites. It is true that the content is the distinguishing factor for a blog website, but a blog website needs effective SEO implantation to attract the targeted viewers. Without quality SEO implementation, the blog sites designed by a website design company will not get high ranking by the top search engines.

The bloggers need to be aware of the effective SEO methods that can attract higher visitors to a blog site fast. The blogs posted in the sites should have keywords placed strategically. The title tag needs to have the primary keyword. The search engine crawlers may overlook the images used in a blog site, but it will check the text descriptions for sure. The bloggers need to make use of keyword rich links in their sites to get rated higher by search engines. The keyword density should not be too high in a blog as it may not be liked by the viewers. Lack of keywords on the other hand, may be ignored by the search engine bots.

The blog websites should have links to websites with similar and relevant content to get higher ranking from the search engines. For instance, a blog on marine wildlife should have links to the authentic websites on flora and fauna. Link building should be done carefully and it does need time. However, linking a blog site with other websites that do not have relevant content is not going to help a web designer.

It is true that different search engines use different algorithms to rank the websites. However, a blog website owner can expect his site to get better ranking if he ensures that the blog site gets updated with new posts on a regular basis. This is because, irrespective of the search algorithm, the search engines prefer websites with fresh content. Using a SEO friendly CMS like Joomla or WordPress to design the blog site would be a good idea for SEO optimization as well. The blog site owner should allow the viewers to post their comments and provide the option in the site. Automated pinging and RSS feeds also need to be provided for the same reason. The blog website should also have links to popular social media websites.

Author Bio: The author has been working as an internet marketing expert in a leading website design company, for the past 2 years. He has also written articles on different topics such as website design, SEO, logo design, graphic design etc.