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8 free tools to monitor your position in Google

One of the most important metrics when SEO know whether our strategy is working is the position of our website in Google search results. The natural way to know the position of our pages for each keyword why we want to position ourselves would do a manual search in the search for each of the keywords.

How to know your position in Google?

But do direct searches in the search is not an optimal solution when it comes to knowing our position in the search. The results showing Google to do a search from the search are not always the same. Google displays search results by adapting to the location where we do the search. So, maybe the position where we are if we do the search from Madrid is not the same as if we do from Barcelona. Google also adapts its results to our search history showing some results adapted to our search patterns.

The way Google displays its results makes it not very reliable monitor keywords of our project by direct searches. To facilitate our work there are many tools to monitor the position of our website at Google. We have tools both paid and free. Today we show you 6 free tools that will facilitate the daily work when monitoring the position of your projects online marketing and web positioning in Google.

Monitoring tool google

Desktop applications to view my web positioning

1. Rankerizer Software to monitor your position

Rankerizer is an application that is installed on your computer which monitor the position of the keywords for which you want to position. You can follow the keywords of multiple projects. It offers the possibility of monitoring not only Google, but also Yahoo and Bing and select the country from which you want to search.

The application gives you the position where is your website for each keyword, the url that is in that position and the position has changed from the previous search. You can follow the evolution of the positions of each keyword in time by a simple graph. If you have Mac you will not be able to use it, there is only Windows version.


2. Free Monitor for Google Software to control your web position

This application in a classic monitoring positions in Google. It is very similar to Rankerizer, but only allows you to monitor the positions of our project in Google. As Rankerizer is only possible to install the application on Windows.

You can monitor multiple projects independently and select geolocation searches by country. Shows the position of the url you chose for each keyword and also lets you know the top 50 search results for the selected word. Very useful to know how our competitors are doing.

Free Google Monitor

Online tools to know your position in Google

3. Serplab

free online tool for tracking the position of a web site for a particular search term. In its basic version you must manually search for each of the domains that you want to monitor. If we checked we can continue our various projects automated saving the data of the last 60 days. Registration is also free.

Being a web application will need to if you do handsearches delete browser cookies're out of your Google account to avoid errors in the results. This does not occur if you are registered as search updates are made automatically from the server application.

4. Pro Rank Tracker

Although it is a payment tool, its free version is complete enough to show us the positions of our website at Google. It offers a wealth of information with a panel of highly visual and simple administration. In addition to the position in Google we can follow the positions in other search engines and searches geotag different countries and we can even manage geolocation by cities or regions only to Google.

In the free version you can monitor up to 50 terms and location updating is done daily. You can follow reports that you can download in pdf.

How to know my web positioning from a browser Extensions

There are several extensions to monitor positions in both Google Chrome and Firefox. We will tell you about two very popular SEO extensions one for Chrome and one for Firefox. In both extensions it is important that you bear in mind that the browser can run using cookies or sessions that you have open in the browser affect the achievement of results.

5. SEO SERP (Chrome) Extension to control your positioning

Simple extension for Chrome with which to make a quick search by URL and keyword. It does not give us much information as an online application or tool but can help us to know in a quick manner the position of a url in Google for a particular keyword.

You can see the evolution of the position searches performed on. We can not automate your searches so if you want to know the evolution we need to search manually. The results can be downloaded in CSV format for later use.

6. Rank checker (Firefox)

Extension with similar characteristics to SEO SERP but for the Firefox browser. You have the ability to monitor several projects in which you can select the URL you want to monitor and words why you want to position. Searches must make them manually. You can export data in CSV format.

How to know the position of my web from Mobile Applications (APP)

Moblogs you can also know the positioning of your website, there are several applications to have controlled your Maintenance of projects, then we give you two options for, Android and IOS major operating systems, from your IPhone can know the position of your website and your words main from anywhere.


Free application available on App Store, very visual, in order to control the positions of up to two projects for free, provides you with daily positions of up to five keywords per project and you calculate an average of all of them.

It allows you to activate an automatic refresh and set a delay for, if there are many words, Google does not believe you're a robot. We also facilitates the number of backlinks that owns the domain as its database, and the position in Alexa and PageRank that was in his day that domain.

In the part payment you have unlimited projects and keywords, and also makes it easy to export all results, as well as a space in the cloud to save all data.

8. SEO SERP Mojo (Android)

Application, if you use an Android phone, to control the words of your website. It is free but has a Pro version that offers a number of additional advantages, such as updating daily positions automatically.

Both the free version and the PRO can make an unlimited tracking keywords and domains. SERP Mojo also offers a graphic where we can see the history of a keyword positions, so we can see the increases or decreases may have had.

We can trackear words in Google, Bing and Yahoo from any country, which is very useful if you have pages in different languages.


Already you have several free tools that monitor the position of your website on Google, now you just have to try and stay with the one that best suits your needs. Which do you stay? Do you know any free tool?

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