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How to Draw in New Blog Followers

Jan 26

If you’re a successful blogger, these tips may be known to you. For anyone new in the blogging department, there are many tips available to help bring in new followers. To help your blog grow, you should be aware of the methods to draw in readers.

  • List things. Readers who are looking for something to randomly read are more likely to click on a list than an article-style blog. Lists are simple to follow and easy to overview before reading the full blog.
  • Start your blogs with interesting pictures, and don’t be afraid to include more than one. We are a visual people and our attention is grabbed by interesting images. Bright colors, a unique view point, expressive people, and cool advertisements can draw in readers’ attention.
  • Take time to think of a good headline. Nobody is going to read your post if your headline is dull. Readers base their clicking decisions purely on the headlines they see. Set yourself apart from the typical blogger. Make your headlines funny, sarcastic, politically incorrect, exciting, shocking, and anything else that would grab someone’s attention. Also remember to play to your audience. Studies have shown that headlines with numbers get up to 20% more hits than those without.
  • Include topics that interest the general public, even if they aren’t exactly the topic of your blog. Sure you want your readers to be interested in your blog, but in order to gain new followers you may need to reach outside of your interests. Food, sports and entertainment are hobbies for almost 100% of the public. You are sure to capture a few extra followers by highlighting one of these topics. But please, keep in mind that this is not a good thing to do frequently. If you venture away from your subject matter too often, you may lose avid readers and followers. Just a few times a year might be a nice change up. Major events are fine to mention, but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Include in your blog something to brighten a reader’s day. Whether it is humor, an interesting piece of news, or an encouraging statement, any enticing bit of information can bring readers in and keep them interested. If you offer something that a reader likes, they are more likely to revisit your blog at least once. It is also a good idea to keep this enticing piece at the top of your page or in bold font. This way, it won’t be missed by people who just skim over blogs.

This post has been provided by Nicolas D’Alleva. Nicolas is the president and CEO of Specialty Answering Service, an answering service and call center service for all businesses and professionals. Specialty recently opened an office in California to offer a San Diego answering service to local California businesses.