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IPhone App Marketing: Creating IPhone Applications

Dec 3

“I don’t know how to sell applications”

Joe is a developer. He knows programming well and he decided to create his own software which will make him famous and rich. He spent a year creating the IPhone application which allows people to purchase the food for theirs Siamese cats. He uploaded newly created application to the Apple store and now he is waiting for the customers. For some reason they don’t come to his page in Apple. Joe is starting to realize that the he does not have enough knowledge about selling the software…

The Problem

Joe is a smart guy and he can develop good applications. Unfortunately skills and a knowledge required for marketing are not the same skills required for applications development.

Won’t it be nice if there will be an ability to predict the popularity of the tool?

Below is a description of the process that allows you knowing exactly

  1. What IPhone application to develop?
  2. What your competitors are?
  3. And what is the progress?

Without spending a year on writing the actual application.

Step 1: Choose the Application You Will Create

The application Joe chooses is ‘Calorie Counter for IPhone’. Joe wants to check how many users actually need this application. To gather this data

  1. Joe creates an account at Ad Words and goes to ‘Keyword Tool’.
  2. Enters ‘iphone calorie counter’.
  3. Ad Words says that 320 users enter the keywords monthly.
    IPhone App Marketing

  4. Now Joe needs to somehow estimate how many users will come to his IPhone Calorie Counter site. To estimate the number of users he utilizes the following table.
#1 Position In Search Results 42% of clicks
#2 Position In Search Results 12% of clicks
#3 Position In Search Results 8% of clicks
#4 Position In Search Results 6% of clicks
#5 Position In Search Results 5% of clicks
#6 Position In Search Results 4% of clicks
#7 Position In Search Results 3% of clicks

The table above means the following:

Assuming that you site is at #1 position in Google Search Results for ‘iphone calorie counter’ keyword, the result number of users can be calculated the following way:

320 (overall number of users per month) * 42% = 134 users per month

Joe thinks that it will be a good experience to convert 134 users to his customers.

Step 2: Check the Competition

OK, now when the application is selected Joe wants to know the answer for the question “Are there other people who will also create similar applications?” If yes – “will it possible for me to get to the top in the search results?”

To answer the question Joe

  1. Starts ‘keyword analysis research’ tool:
  2. Enters ‘iphone calorie counter’
  3. Gets the table below:
    IPhone App Marketing

The application analyses the following sites’ parameters:

  • Page Rank

    Pages with a higher rank appear higher in the search results.
  • Backlinks number.

    Pages with a larger number of backlinks appear higher in the search results.
  • Keywords in URL

    The parameter shows how good the page is SEO optimized. Good optimized pages tend to have the keywords in the URL.
  • Keywords in Title

    The parameter shows how good the page is SEO optimized. Good optimized pages tend to have the keywords in the Title.

The number of red squares is not large which means that the competitors in the selected area are weak. So Joe decides to stick with the idea of Iphone Calorie Counter application.

Step 3: Sell First

The important part here is to inhibit the desire to start writing the code. The analysis is a good thing, but things tend to change in time so selling the software before it is created is an absolute ‘must’ in software engineering. To sell the software

  1. Joe searches for a cheap hosting and registers domain
  2. He installs Word Press and purchases one of the Word Press themes.
  3. He installs Google Analytics.
  4. He creates Google Ads and configures them the way so they appear when users enter ‘iphone calorie counter’ keywords.
  5. And then he incorporates the button ‘Buy Now’ in the pages.

For many of you the idea of selling the software before the actual creation might sound like a shock, but still it is the only way to know exactly how many customers your software can attract.

Step 4: SEO

As you might know, the backlinks placed at other sites to your site are the ‘vote’ which show to Google or Bing how good is your site. That’s why gathering the backlinks is essential part of the marketing process. Joe wants to re-utilize the experience of his competitors and goes to ‘keyword analysis research’:

  1. He selects one of the competitors and clicks ‘analyze links’.
    IPhone App Marketing
  2. The list below contains the sites that have a links to the competitor’s pages.
  3. Joe contacts the site owners and asks them to incorporate the links to his pages in their pages (note: many site owners are glad to incorporate the links to your site if you create a guest post for them. For more information on the guest blogging please refer to the following article)
  4. The next step is to the progress of the SEO campaign. Unfortunately when you start the site – the results are not immediately visible. Your site might going from 85th to 20th position (which means that your efforts get your site in the right direction), but the site still has no visitors as they don’t find it in search results. You need to have an ability to monitor this process and here comes Google SERP Checker:
    Creating IPhone Applications

In Google SERP Checker Joe enters the following keywords

  • Iphone Calorie Counter
  • Iphone Diet
  • Calorie Counter

…and configures the application so it sends the reports to his email.

Final Step: Creation

The final part of the process is actual creation. At this time Joe

  • Selected the application.
  • Promoted his site.
  • And even got some feedback from the customers of non-existing product.

He is ready to create the product and he knows for sure that it will be purchased by the users.


It can be very hard for developers to select the proper application and find the market for them as they think that the process is very creative and unpredictable.

Fortunately it is not the case.

The process of software creation has very straight rules and operations which brings your software to success.
Follow them and eventually you will share my opinion.