Strategic Analysis Guide Keywords

Strategic Analysis Guide Keywords

In any SEO campaign and positioning, content plays a valuable role fully. Does anyone look this: when writing content as we always arise doubts? What will be the best title thinking about SEO? Does it bring this content to my SEO strategy Within these doubts the process of keyword research becomes relevant, becoming an input not only for SEO but for SEM, Content and Social Media.

Key words or terms is called the set of characters with which users perform a search. That is, when entered into a search engine "Cheap Cars" or "Chariots" this is due to two key terms or words word keyword.

Have a good arsenal of words in which to focus our pieces of content, it can mean an effective presence on search engines.

The analysis process can have many variations keywords, in this post we will learn how to perform this activity and achieve the best results. We learn how to get a real process of keyword research value. I want to share with all community SEMRush these techniques and tools that facilitate us the keyword research process, also accompany this guide to outline the basic process.

Why is it important to analyze previous keywords to create content?

  1. We can position ourselves in searches with great potential.
  2. We focus efforts on keywords really effective.
  3. With specific terms to position ourselves better we know our users.
  4. With this method we think of themes that can be addressed in a process of content

There are several issues we should know before we start with the guide, one of them is the difference between keywords with high volume of search and keywords with low search volume, the latter will call words of the Long Tail and with volume high search the call generic keywords. This we learn better later in the filtering process.

  • Process Steps
  • Investigation
  • In this step we will use as many tools and inputs to throw us words and key terms.
  • Storage

The second step is to keep these terms in a text editor such as Notepad Notepad, Sublime text or Word. I recommend using a web app called (This is a temporary file).


To filter will use the Keyword Planner tool google so we can know in detail the search volume of a keyword and its estimated value for the platform Google Adwords (The data of the estimated value does not commit us in this investigation).

  • process analysis keywords
  • Research tools

For the research process will use this list of tools that generate keywords ideas that later we will use to create content.

Google Keyword Planner

The tool in which we can make a filter based on the amount of monthly searches that have a particular keyword. This tool gives us an estimated value of Google Adwords click and level of competition, also for SEM. If we want to do SEO with these words, we will not put much attention to the data of the CPC and Competition, this is important if we want to advertise on Google Adwords. On the other hand, we can create a filter by language or country. This tool also provides hundreds of good ideas to generate content.

Google Analytics

On the platform of Google Analytics (GA) find the area: Acquisition Search Engine Optimization> Queries. There we will find how many times we appeared certain searches (impressions). Sometimes this option merely mentions only brand related words. To use this function, link Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics.

To save our keywords

Before saving our key terms, we must answer this question: What do we do with this great list of keywords Well, the answer is not alone in creating post, pages, landing pages and articles for the benefit of SEO, this research can help us SEM strategies for example. Another clear example is for the correct dialing a video on YouTube or search for content to write. Also to name boards on Pinterest, create SlideShare and even naming a Fan Page. So it is not a process that is done and it is an ongoing process.

There are possibilities to save a file as plain text or basic excel, I recommend Google Drive for saving process long term and for the research process.

Last but not least, if our purpose is to use these keywords based on a positioning strategy, it is best to assign a word or term key to a landing page, ie: If one of our services is "Sending Miami flowers "landing page should be called that and its contents must obey that key term.

Think themes: Do not think only in an amount of words, think about providing content for a particular subject, you could say that's the key I give them.