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SEO Power Tips for Maximizing Traffic

Mar 17

Search engine marketing has nothing to do with trying to fool or manipulate the search engines. Good SEO skills are about creating genuine relevance for quality content that is useful to your readers. The following are optimization tips that can drive more traffic to your site.

1.Write content that your target audience has been searching for in the last 90 days

True keyword research is about researching actual data, not just guessing at keywords. The internet offers several keyword research tools including Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. Besides traditional keyword research, one could also make use of into ‘Keyword Forensics’ to tap into the niche trends which most webmasters never notice.

2. Does your web content address your reader or is it focused on yourself?

Keep in mind that your web content should focus on your readers first and appeal to a specific niche. When writing web content, you need to speak in an appropriate format and tone for the right audience. Your content will have more appeal if it addresses your readers in terms of ‘you’. You might, you can, you will, yours instead of ours, we, we can, we will etc.

3. Write for your human audience first and let search engines come second

Whereas search engine optimization is vital for your visibility, start by writing your content. Many people don’t write well when trying to create content and optimize at the same time. Focus on writing useful content that is focused on one subject per page. When you are pleased with your writing, then go ahead and do minor editing for the search engines.

4. Tips for stimulating idea generation and producing unique strategies

While many people spend too much time examining their competitor’s websites, it is advisable to be at the forefront of creating new ideas. Instead of focusing too much on what your competitors are doing, be creative and begin your own trends. Spend more time on your own projects. Distinguishing yourself from your competition gives you a great advantage.

5. Create content that addresses a specific audience

Always keep in mind your specific audience. For example, the tone and format of writing to senior citizens may differ greatly from writing for new mothers. Before writing, ask yourself ‘What is useful to these readers?’ Always depend on accurately researched data and eliminate guess work.

6. Remember firm calls to action

Without a strong call to action, you cannot expect your reader to guess what they are expected to do next. Usually, plain ordinary dialog that suggests that the reader takes some action works best.

7. Give your readers a good reason to respond immediately

The objective of your web page should not always be about selling a service or product. It needs to be more about the needs of the web visitor. Meet the needs of the visitors first, and then give them a good reason to respond to you. Make your site a tool for relationship building and encourage your visitors to participate.

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Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing. In the past few weeks he has been writing for blogs where you can get the latest free norton subscription renewal code and godaddy voucher code.