Easy SEO Tracking


User Testimonials and Feedback.

It’s so fast and easy to use that you may find that an hour has passed while you’re comparing random keywords out of sheer curiosity.

— Andrea Fryrear,SproutCo Marketing

Cool, Isn’t it.

— Amol Wagh, SEO Blogging Tips

All I do know is that this thing is very helpful and the best thing is that it is totally free to use.

— Linkmoney.org, Linkmoney.org

Features Included with all Plans

  • Search Results Monitoring

    Search Results Monitoring

    How do you know that your SEO efforts move your site to the top in Google search results?
    You’ve hired a SEO specialist and (s)he told you that the job is done. How can you double check it?
    The answer is Google SERPs Checker tool. By using the tool from the very start of the SEO process you can say with a confidence whether your site is moving to the top or it is falling in the search results

  • Competitors' Links Analysis

    Competitors' Links Analysis

    How can you predict that your page will appear in the Google search results?
    How strong the competition is in the preferred niche?
    By using Keyword Analysis ResearchTool you can determine how strong the competition is and then replicate and beat your competitors’ rankings by back engineering their linking strategy with link analysis feature.

  • Crawler Simulation

    Crawler Simulation

    What exactly sees a Google bot when it comes to your site?
    Does it sees the incorporated links or they for some reason are ignored?
    Check it with the Crawler Simulation Tool

  • Stored Data

    Stored Data

    We store the information pertaining the current position of your site in search results so you can review how the site position is changing.

Professional Plan Features

  • Email Notifications

    Email Notifications

    Logging in the service and checking its current state can be very boring. Configure daily emails and get a report with your current site position every day right before you come to work.

  • Unlimited Requests

    Unlimited Requests

    If you need to perform an extensive analysis of your site’s SEO sign up for professional account.